Badly made gifs of a beautiful woman

This blog is tied to my RP-blog (there will be no RP'ing on this blog, do not worry), so these gifs are intended for RP'ing, hence why there are some that will not be considered 'pretty'. I promise I'm not some sort of sick bastard who gets off on seeing Winona slapped around.

I gif one film at a time unless there are requests.

Anonymous said: I miss your blog. Do you feel you might pick it up again?

Thank you. If you follow my personal blog (which I don’t blame you for not doing) !! - you’d know that my mother is terminally ill. Meaning she has less than a month left.

On another note, I started university and my own computer has fried. So I need to get it repaired so I have a pc with photoshop on it again.

I love this blog, I won’t forget about it! Everything is just a mess right now, but I’ll be back!

  -  5 September

Anonymous said: Sorry to see you're not currently active on this terrific blog. Girl Interrupted is my fav film. Any chance of some gifs?

I am really sorry I am not active on this blog right now and I know I need to pick a give-away winner and so on, but I have been SO busy (and will be busy) with school, work and life in general.

I’m glad you like my blog ;) All the gifs from Girl, Interrupted are here - there are not many, but it is the film that I am working on currently giffing, whenever I have a breath of break where I feel like giffing.

I have exams in about 3 weeks and since I have 5 high level classes, I have a LOT of stuff to read and re-learn, since I am quite below average in most classes haha ;)

  -  2 May

-patrycya- said: Why don't you like winona anymore ?

(please read the tags on the post)

  -  1 April

Anonymous said: What is your favourite Winona Ryder film?

Girl, Interrupted or House of the Spirits :)